Bitcoin Bounces Back!!! NEO: Ethereum WILL Overtake Bitcoin?!? TRON Responds to Accusations

#Bitcoin bounces back! Will this market cycle play out like the previous? Eric Zhang of $NEO thinks $ETH will overtake $BTC, $TRX responds to recent accusations! Malaysian regulations, Vontobel bank custody.
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0:01 The Largest Crypto Casino:
1:48 Markets 🚀
4:20 Bitcoin bottom is in?!?
9:11 Market cycles?
9:56 Will Woo prediction:
10:30 Crypto cycles rebuttal:
13:20 Swiss crypto watch:
14:18 Ethereum Classic (ETC) hacker returns funds?
15:16 Tron (TRX) criticism:
17:44 Tron Official statement:
22:06 Ripple (XRP) says banks move to xRapid?
23:36 😂 XRP CLASSIC?!?
24:10 Æternity (AE) x weiDEX:
24:53 High Performance Blockchain (HPB) AMA:
25:14 Eric Zhang (NEO) Interview:
31:37 Malaysian crypto regulations:
32:49 Miners angry over electricity hike:
34:25 Russia News Fake?
35:16 Original article:
37:19 Vontobel Bank to add crypto solution:
37:45 Cryptocurrency law firms:
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