BITCOIN Dump Distraction😱 Chart Signals Bull Breakout! War on Privacy Coins Begins!

This Bitcoin Dump is really a distraction! The volatile cost swings, and growing volatility percentages is what happened before Bitcoin last parabolic cost run, throughout 2017. These Bitcoin volatility charts signal exactly what will occur to the cost lengthy term, plus they were shared through the legendary cryptographer, Nick Szabo. Plus, Korea begins their ban of privacy coins, following a suit of Japan. Will the united states be next? Are cryptos like Monero, Dash, Zcash safe?

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

00:08 Introduction: YEAH Baby!

00:50 Nick Szabo Tweets Two Major Charts: Bitcoin 365 Day Volatility & Log Look At Market Cap

03:06 When Volatility Begins To Increase Over Time of Stabilization, A Bull Breakout Happens

03:50 World War 2 on Privacy Coins Gets Hotter: Korea Begins Ban!

05:25 Will The United States Ban Privacy Coins Next?

06:49 The Dream Network Social Networking Manipulation Squad: Projects Involved?

07:45 They Are Projects Grasping Onto Dear Existence

08:13 Outro

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