BITCOIN Ready For EXPLOSIVE MOVE!? 🚀 SHOCKING Altcoin Pattern! Litecoin $LTC

#Bitcoin finally hits greatest levels in 2 days! Massive move incoming? Altcoin charts shows strange pattern, evaluating the prior Litecoin halving towards the approaching one, Ubisoft $ETH in game products, Coinbase cards arrived at Europe, crypto news, and much more!

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Intro Credit: @doingthingsvideo (Instagram)

3:15 Markets 〽️

8:36 Litecoin climbing broadening wedge?

9:43 Litecoin (LTC) historic halving:

12:34 Craig Wright is Jesus?

14:18 Bitcoin weekend surge theory?

16:27 Ubisoft x Ethereum (ETH):

17:26 Nash beta: https://world wide

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18:32 MATIC x Chainlink (LINK)

19:02 Coinbase cards:

20:01 Ripple (XRP) news:

20:41 Visa launches Quick competitor? to business-transfers-to-compete-with-quick

21:51 CCN counterargument: engine optimization-landscape-is-constantly-shifting-and-if-you-don-t-adapt-you-fall

22:36 CCN away from the dead? https://world wide

23:32 Google reacts to new formula change: https://world wide

24:10 KB Kookmin enters crypto? custody-bitcoin-rally/

24:56 This is actually sad: https://world wide

27:37 Great news for BTC? https://blog.bitsofgold.internet/a-bank-in-liechtenstein-increased-its-traffic-by-900-by-selling-cryptocurrencies/

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